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Black Cave announce debut album with european label

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are pleased to announce the release of BLACK CAVE, a musical project from Brazil combines wild traditional early Metal with NWOBHM from the 80s.
The product titled "Caveman" that contains twelve tracks played entirely by Paulo Destroyyer and sung in English will be launched on the digital market on May 1st and will be distributed in major stores such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Youtube Music and many others.

Paulo Destroyyer Maia is a singer and musician based in Petrópolis, a popular Brazilian vacation destination in the Rio de Janeiro region, the visceral love for classic metal rock led him in a recent past with Abomination Wide, a trio that debuted worldwide in 2016 with Invincible Records that launched on the market the EP entitled "Hypocrites Must Die" containing five songs dedicated to a ferocious thrash and death metal.

The new artistic project BLACK CAVE proposes Paulo Destroyyer playing all the instruments and introducing himself as oneman band.
The sound within this album are a wild hard and heavy and remind the primordial frontal attacks of European metal at the beginning of the 80s and in particular to NWOBHM scene.

The songs were recorded and finalized at Petropolis, near Rio thanks to the collaboration of some partners who supported Paulo in this new artistic adventure, the Morozesk guitars, the Hs Stomp pedals and the designer Blair Gagliardi. (soon on line)


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BrazilEuro Band: GREAT COWBOY from Rio das Ostras, Rio De Janeiro

Invincible  Records is proud to announce that the brazilian Death Metal oneman band GREAT COWBOY has just signed for the label that will release their official first Ep.
The album titled “Great Cowboy” contains 7 songs full of power and energy. 
The digital release will be available early November, 2016 on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic...

The oneman band was formed in Rio das Ostras, Rio De Janeiro State, Brazil, in March 2015 with Paulo Rock Maya at guitar, bass, drums and vocals.
Paulo is band leader of Abomination Wide also.

Paulo Rock Maya at guitar, bass, drums and vocals 

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BrazilEuro Band: FIRE STRIKE and Aline Nunes

FIRE STRIKE Night Fever (Official Video) Heart Of Steel Records has won an Beat100 A&R Award.
Awarded for a high quality original video with good production values.
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Also Aline Nunes picture on special article published on italian mainstream BEST MAGAZINE !